As head of the creative brand team for SAP Concur’s beloved travel product TripIt, I led the redesign of their marketing website. My role was to be the overall creative director, charged with defining our overall strategic approach, executing on it as well as building and managing our timeline to ensure the project kept moving forward and met the needs of the company and stakeholders.

The goal of this project was to have a website that better represented our brand, supported our company goals, as well as improved the sustainability and scalability of our website.

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Business Challenge

  • Website not aligned with the current goals and vision of the company
  • Didn’t support all customer segments (B2C, B2B & B2B2C)
  • Lacked basic SEO and A/B testing functionality
  • Unable to support expansion into new global markets

Design Challenge

  • Visually off-brand and out-of-date due to dated website platform that was difficult to update.
  • Inconsistent brand experience
  • Old branding was limiting and impersonal, far too reliant on product screenshots and features
  • Confusing navigation and user experience

Project Approach

Project Solutions

Business Solutions

  • Stakeholder interviews with department heads to improve interdepartmental collaboration
  • Move off old web platform and onto new CMS website platform
  • Leadership participation
  • User testing new website design approach and visual brand with our customers

Design Solutions

  • Utilized new visual style to better connect users to the benefits of TripIt
  • Moved from feature focus approach to benefits focused approach
  • Stay connected to company mission and goals throughout project
  • Comprehensive creative brief and multi-staged design phases

My Role

Art Direction
Creative Leadership
Project Management
Web Design
Strategic Planning
Digital Animation

Before & After

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