As head of the creative brand team at SAP Concur’s travel product TripIt, I led the redesign of their visual brand. My role was as project lead and I was responsible to define our brand style and creative approach.

The TripIt brand suffered, like many older brands, with a great deal of legacy brand debt. In its efforts to keep its product up-to-date, its branding had suffered. While originally a trendsetter in the world of travel apps, it’s branding no longer represented their audience and was no properly communicating the value their product delivered to its users.

As Head of Brand Design, and project lead, I saw an opportunity to craft a more modern and scalable brand, one that would focus more on communicating the value the app provided users in a way that was easy for travelers to connect with.

Project Approach

Historically, TripIt had developed an over-reliance on using generic stock travel photos or just throwing in product screenshots. None of these brand elements did a very good job of communicating the value this product could provide to users in a tangible, engaging way. We needed to align on a new way to do that.

I led my team through multiple team brainstorms, aligning on what our current company goals were as well as discussing ways we could improve our branding to meet those goals. While working through those brainstorm meetings, we decided that moving away from our old product screenshots and towards a more pure illustrative branding would give us more flexibility and creativity in how we visually communicate the benefits and functionality of a complex technical product like TripIt. It allowed us to capture individual moments (receiving a flight alert, getting through security) as well as also be able to pull back and illustrate the complexity of organizing a trip as a whole (all your travel plans, every stage of your trip).

By making this change, our new illustrative brand allowed us to make the technically complex simple, while also being more personable and better able to visually communicate the benefits of our product in a more authentic, clear way.

Illustrating for Different Scenerios

TripIt has so much to offer as a product. Not only in its ability to manage your travel plans throughout your whole trip but also how it can assist you at any moment in your trip. Visually communicating this properly required our team to develop clear guidelines for the different scenarios our brand would need to design for these different scenarios.

All Your Plans, In One Place

With this example, I wanted a simple and creative way to show how TripIt can break through the chaos of organizing your travel plans and neatly organize them in one place. TripIt has much more to offer, but how we organize and simplify travel is an important first step in connecting with travelers.

Stay One Step Ahead, From Planning to Landing

Now that we have connected travelers with what TripIt does at its core, organize travel plans, it’s now time to expand on that story. In this example, we demonstrate how TripIt will have them covered at every stage of their trip, from planning to landing. This was another visually creative way to pull back from the traveler’s experience and communicate how our product can help them throughout their entire trip.

While On Your Trip

Even though we wanted to pull back and show you the bigger picture, we also wanted to be able to pull in close and show specific situations during a users trip where TripIt will help them better navigate through their plans and get to where they need to be. These relatable situations were an opportunity for our team to better connect with our travelers on how TripIt can reduce stress and improve their travel experience.

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Art Direction
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