Project Overview

As head of the creative brand team for SAP Concur’s beloved travel product TripIt, I was project lead and creative director for the design of their new TripIt Happiest Traveler Data Story.

The goal of this project was to create a high-value brand experience around the yearly traveler satisfaction story by utilizing a custom-built landing page on our website as well as developing creative illustrative graphics to support the content and data. The yearly traveler satisfaction story would traditionally receive a fair amount of press coverage, and it was important to me to use this opportunity to showcase our great new branding.

My responsibilities included developing the overall strategy and direction for this project, leading brainstorming sessions and providing art direction for illustration and web work, as well as working with our fantastic content writer and data analyst to analyze the data and craft the direction for this story.

Press Coverage

We were so fortunate that our team’s work was able to receive a fair amount of press coverage, below are just a few examples;

  1. Forbes: Survey Says: Ultra-Long Flights, Discount Airlines And Basic Economy Make For Happy Flyers
  2. SFGate: The secrets of air travel happiness
  3. Forbes: What Is Going To Make Flyers Happy in 2020?
  4. Travel Pulse: What Makes Travelers the Happiest?
  5. Travel Noire: What Exactly Makes Travelers Happy? TripIt’s New Study Has The Answers
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My Role

Creative Direction
Art Director
Brand Identity

My Work